Is It Time to Replace My Whole House Generator? 

whole house generator replacement

If your house generator is over a decade old and has experienced significant wear and tear damage, it is likely time to replace it. Common issues, such as problems starting up, requiring constant repairs, or no longer running efficiently, could be signs that it is time to replace your whole house generator. Properly maintained, high-quality whole-house generators can last for 20-25 years. Still, if they are experiencing frequent breakdowns or issues or the frequent repairs are becoming more troublesome than it is worth, it is time to replace it.

How Often Should a Whole House Generator Be Serviced?

Whole house generators should be serviced by a professional every 6-12 months or after 200 run hours. They will ensure that the transfer switches and engine are running correctly and that the necessary repairs and maintenance are performed to prevent the need for more extensive and costly repairs and improve the generator’s lifespan. To ensure whole house generators are working correctly, they should be run at least once per month.

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