Whole House Generator in White Lake, MI

Whole House Generator

Whole house generators provide 24/7 protection for your home against power outages. Whole house generators provide peace of mind by ensuring homeowners that they are safe during a power outage if the outside temperature is at a level where heating or cooling is essential. It can also save homeowners money by avoiding prolonged power outages that can cause food spoilage, lack of productivity for at-home workers, frozen pipes, contaminated water, and more. 

Benefits of Whole House Generators

Whole house generators can guarantee that you have power during outages. All of your appliances, lighting, HVAC systems, fridge, freezer, and more, will be fully functional during sustained power outages. Whole house generators start automatically, protecting your home even while you are away or unaware that the power is out. They are designed to run for long periods and provide full-home protection for decades with proper maintenance and necessary repairs.

Whole House Generator Maintenance and Repairs

A functional whole house generator can increase your home value and provide many benefits to homeowners in White Lake, MI. Whole house generators should be serviced at least annually by a trained expert to change the air filter, spark plugs, oil, and more. They will also run and inspect the system to identify any issues. Proper maintenance can help prevent the need for repairs or catch problems early on before they become potentially expensive issues. 

Whole House Generator with Don’s Electric

If you are looking for a whole house generator in White Lake, MI then Don’s Electric can help you. Our skilled electricians are trained and certified to install, maintain, and repair your whole house generator to ensure you have power when you need it. We provide our customers with the highest quality materials to guarantee a job well done. Check out our gallery to see some of the whole home generator installation and repairs done by our professional electricians. Call us at 248-394-2151 or contact us online to set up a free, in-home estimate or learn more about us.

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