Maintenance and Repairs

Premium Generator Maintenance

A quality backup generator can last for decades, but it needs proper and regular maintenance to prevent it from breaking down. The better the repair services are, the longer your generator will function without the need for more extensive and costly maintenance. This preventative maintenance should ideally be done on a schedule based around the system's active engine hours.

Generator maintenance often includes a variety of repair services, including the proper management of transfer switches, engine refueling, and more. Don's Electric will service your Generac generator with the necessary repairs and maintenance, along with other major brands.


Don's Electric Generator Services Include:

  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Air Filter & Spark Plug Change
  • Load Test the Battery
  • Inspect Generator for Oil Leaks
  • Update Firmware
  • Test Fuel Supply
  • Inspect the Transfer Switch
  • Adjust Valves
  • Test & Calibrate Output Voltage & Hertz
  • Start & Run the Generator
  • Clean Inside & Outside of the Unit

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For generator repairs, Don's Electric offers a 24/7 Emergency service for residential and commercial standby generator repairs.

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