Panel Replacements

Electrical Panel Replacements

Now with more and more electronics being plugged in, outdated panel replacements can cause noticeable issues like tripped circuits. Modern homes can sometimes require as much as 200 amps to run air conditioners, computers, televisions and more. This is up from the previous standard of only 60 amps. Homes can experience many electrical wiring issues due to an outdated service panel that isn't equipped to handle all of this new demand.

If you notice flickering lights, unusual sounds from the fuse box, breakers tripping constantly or even smoke coming from outlets or burning smells you might need service. Electrical panel replacements are what you need, and it's time to hire a professional that can help.

When you hire a professional to upgrade your electrical panel you will gain peace of mind as well as greater functionality and will no longer be at risk of issues. You will not have to worry about future repairs for a long time and an upgraded panel can add a lot of value to your home if you're trying to sell it. A new panel will ensure that your home is given a safe and constant flow of electricity that no longer causes issues. This will allow you to add more appliances if you wish without worry of breakers tripping, fuses blowing or further damaging appliances anymore.

Electrical Panel Replacements
Electrical Panel Replacements

Service upgrade with overhead to underground conversion.

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