What is the Role of Backup Generators?

What is the Role of Backup Generators?

Backup generators provide automatic power to homes when a loss of electricity is detected. They automatically deliver power to critical systems, or the whole house, during power outages and will shut themselves off when the main power returns. They can safeguard homes and businesses from the effects of a power outage and enable them to remain operational. Backup generators provide peace of mind during blackouts by providing uninterrupted power and keeping security systems running.

What is the Lifespan of a Backup Generator?

Standby generators can last 30 years of 3,000 operating hours when properly installed and maintained. Standby generators are permanently installed on a property and provide automatic power. Portable generators have a shorter lifespan than standby generators, lasting up to 10 years. Investing in a reliable brand and quality generator can help you get the most out of your generator purchase and increase the likelihood of a long lifespan for your generator.

What Can I Connect to a Backup Generator?

Backup generators can power the most essential items in a house or the whole house, depending on the type and power of the generator. Backup generators can power refrigerators and freezers, HVAC systems, home medical equipment, sump pumps, lighting, and more. Understanding the wattage capacity of your generator and the amount of power your appliances use can help you understand what your generator is capable of powering and help you prioritize your most critical appliances to allocate your backup power.

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