How Can Generac Generators Protect Homes? 

How Can Generac Generators Protect Homes? 

Generac generators provide 24/7 protection to keep your power running, whether you are at home or away from home. They can provide backup power to the whole house or just the essentials in the home based on your needs, power requirements, and type of generator. Generac generators can keep your security systems, lights, heating and cooling, home medical devices, and more running at all times to keep the home secure, keep residents safe, and prevent pipes from freezing and food from spoiling.

How Do Generac Generators Power Homes?

Generac generators are automatic backup generators that automatically supply power directly to the home. They will automatically turn on during a power outage and off after utility power returns. Generac generators can protect you from blackouts and brownouts and turn on within seconds of a power outage. They are fueled directly from a natural gas supply or propane and have various features that enable them to automatically turn on and shut down if issues are detected to prevent damage and ensure the system’s longevity.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Automatic Backup Generator Instead of a Portable Generator? 

Automatic backup generators turn themselves on and off, so you will never need to worry about monitoring and setting up your portable generator during a power outage. They are a safe way to deliver power to the home and eliminate the need to move your portable generator near the house and run extension cords through the home. Generac generators are high-quality, reliable automatic backup generators that give home and business owners peace of mind.

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