What Are the Best Features in Home Generators?

What Are the Best Features in Home Generators?

Home generators automatically protect homes and residents by powering up during power outages and providing essential or whole-home coverage. They provide an alternative source of power that gives residents peace of mind with features such as energy efficiency and dependability, automatic startup, self-running, and transferring power to whole houses or essential appliances. Homes in areas prone to power outages or harsh climates, or homes with residents who need constant power to preserve food or work from home, need an alternative power source to protect them at all times. 

What is the Lifespan in Home Generators?

Home generators last significantly longer than portable generators. When properly installed, they can protect the home and residents from power outages and increase the value of homes. Home generators that receive regular testing and maintenance are reliable during power outages and can last 20-40 years or up to 3,000 hours of run-time. Top-rated brands, such as Generac, will automatically turn on within milliseconds of a power outage. 

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