How Long Can a Whole House Generator Run?

How Long Can a Whole House Generator Run?

A whole house generator can run up to 3,000 hours over their lifespans. Although whole house generators can run for long periods continuously as long as they are fueled, the recommended limit is typically around 2-3 weeks or 500 hours of use before letting the generator cool. Letting the generator run for longer than the recommended time frame could be dangerous or cause damage to the generator. Typically, standby generators run for around 100 hours a year during maintenance, testing, and power outages, meaning they can last 30 years before reaching their limit. 

Where Should I Put My Whole House Generator?

Whole house generators provide permanent protection against unforeseen power outages to keep all appliances running. Whole house generators should be placed at least five feet from all windows, doors, and vents. There should also be at least 36 inches of clear space surrounding the generator to allow enough room to easily service the generator when needed. Whole house generators should be placed within reach of a power supply and on a smooth, flat surface such as a gravel bed or concrete slab. 

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