What Are Common Reasons For Generator Repairs?

What Are Common Reasons For Generator Repairs?

Your generator may need repairs if it is no longer running smoothly and efficiently. Battery, charger, and cable failures are common reasons for needing generator repairs. Lack of maintenance, negligence, and not starting your generator for more than six months can cause problems in your generator. Routine maintenance can identify problems before they become more severe. Running your generator regularly is necessary so it doesn’t sit idle for too long and experience problems due to inactivity. Generator repairs are usually cheaper and less severe when addressed sooner rather than later. 

What Are Signs That I Need Generator Repairs?

If your generator is making strange noises or smells, is leaking, has damaged wiring, is visibly melting, or is constantly or randomly starting or stopping, there could be a problem in your generator that needs immediate attention.  If your generator is plugged in or fueled properly and is still having trouble starting, or isn’t running as well as it used to, a repair may be necessary. Damage or leaks on the interior or exterior of the generator can cause issues that could be dangerous or lead to the need for a complete replacement if not addressed immediately. 

Generator Repairs With Don’s Electric 

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