Can a Backup Generator Power a House?

Can a Backup Generator Power a House?

A backup generator is capable of powering a house. Standby generators are backup electrical systems that operate automatically upon power outages. Standard backup generators that are properly maintained will be able to power the essentials such as heat, water, refrigeration, security, and lighting. High-powered backup generators will be able to power the whole house in the event of an outage. 

Is a Backup Generator a Good Investment?

Backup generators automatically protect you and your home at all times and will turn on in the case of an emergency power outage. Backup generators are great to have during unexpected power outages and can be a great investment. They can keep your home functioning when all your necessities would otherwise be down. A backup generator is exceptionally useful for at-home workers or for homeowners who have frequent power outages in their area. Backup generators are a long-term investment that you will be happy you made when your power goes out for a short period or especially a long period. 

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