Can Generac Generators Power a Whole House?

Can Generac Generators Power a Whole House?

Standby Generac generators can vary in size and power. The size of your Generac generator should correlate with the outcome you want for your power in the event of an outage. Generac generators can range from providing just the essentials such as heat, water, refrigeration, security, and lighting to whole house options with air conditioning included. Generac generators are reliable in the event of a power outage. Natural gas-powered Generac generators, depending on the size, can power a whole house for 12 to 20 hours on a full tank. Propane-powered generators can last for even longer given the fact they can be refueled while in use. If you have over 200 run hours or it has been over a year since your generator has been serviced, you should get maintenance immediately.

When Is a Generac Generator Needed?

Generac generators can be incredibly useful during power outages caused by unpredictable weather and unforeseen circumstances. Experiencing a power outage with no backup generator is no fun task. Losing everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lights, to daily essentials like cooking, laundry or showering, leaves you counting down the minutes until your power turns back on. Power outages can last a couple of minutes to days and even weeks. To avoid power outages and a loss of productivity, Generac generators are a great option as the most trusted and most popular brand. 

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