How Does A Backup Generator Work?

How Does A Backup Generator Work?

When you lose your electricity power the backup generator senses a power outage and automatically restores power to your home within seconds. It doesn’t matter if you are home or not, an automatic transfer switch sends power from your generator to your home and will continue to run until your utility electricity is back. If maintained correctly a backup generator can run for 3000 hours, so if you only use 100 hours a year, it should last you 30 years. 

Is A Backup Generator Necessary?

Backup generators can be very beneficial for residential and commercial properties for many reasons. Losing power can be a safety hazard for a variety of reasons such as, during harsh weather seasons it can cause people to pass out from the heat and get dehydrated, or get frostbite and sick during the winter seasons.  It can also be dangerous especially for the elderly when trying to be mobile around their home, or if they need electricity for oxygen tanks, breathing treatments, or any other medical equipment. It is also necessary for commercial properties to make sure their business stays up and running without any disruption, loss of power can be a minor or major setback for your business. 

Backup Generator With Don’s Electric 

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