Common Problems With Generators

Generac Generator

Common problems that occur with generators usually have to do with battery failure. You want to always make sure that cables and chargers are in good condition and connected properly. Also, if it fails to start that may mean that the main control switch is set to the offsetting, causing it not to automatically kick on when needed. Other problems include when there is an oil, fuel, or coolant leak, or if the fuel levels are too low, the generator will not operate properly. You should have regular maintenance and inspection done to try and prevent any minor or major problems from occurring. 

Cost of Generator Repairs

The cost of generator repairs can vary between $60 to $600 depending on the labor and replacement parts needed. It may also vary on the size and brand of the unit. Replacing the battery, oils, or filter may cost around $60, but a new carburetor may cost around $150. Other parts that may need replacement can be the transfer switch or voltage regulator which can be between $100 to $200. Most importantly, you want to have annual maintenance done on your generator to prevent minor repairs from constantly recurring. 

Generator Repairs with Don’s Electric 

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