How Often Should My Whole-Home Generator Be Serviced?

How Often Should My Whole Home Generator Be Serviced?

Your whole-home generator requires annual service or service after every 200 hours run. To ensure optimal performance when you need it, whole-home generators should be run once a month to make sure they are working correctly. During annual maintenance, a skilled electrician can provide services such as an oil change, new air filter, spark plugs, and a valve lash adjustment to prepare you for a power outage and keep your generator in good condition and prevent the need for expensive repairs or an unexpected replacement.

Where Should Whole Home Generators Be Placed?

Whole-home generators need to be placed outside at least 5 feet away from any doors, windows, vents, or other openings into your home. They should have at least 3 feet surrounding the generator for servicing room. They should be placed on a well-drained flat surface away from flammable materials or debris. A professional electrician can identify the best area to place a whole-home generator, prepare and place the generator, and connect the generator to directly power the home’s electrical system when it is needed.

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