Where Should Generac Generators Be Placed?

Where Should Generac Generators Be Placed?

Generac Generators should be five feet away from all doors, windows, flammable materials, and ventilation. Generac generators should be at least a foot and a half away from the property, on a level surface that won’t flood or accumulate snow. Consulting with a certified Generac Generator installer can help you decide where to place your generator. Building codes will need to be met and the generator should be placed in a safe location that is close to the required meters. 

Are Generac Generators the Best?

Generac generators are popular, trusted, reliable, and industry leaders for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Generac generators are a reliable choice that can last around 3,000 hours. With an average of a few days of emergency power generation a year, Generac generators can last up to thirty years. They are the best-selling brand of generators and have saved many people from financial losses from power outages that could have led to a lack of productivity and food spoilage.

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